ephemeral installation in the vast foyer of the museu nacional d'art de catalunya in barcelona. neon letters were spread over several spatial layers. from one point of view the guest would see the letters forming the word OBSCURITAT (catalan for "darkness"). the letters' different sizes would play with one's perception of perspective.

the process of construction and deconstruction through the changement of perspective whilst wandering through the space would create a unique moment of surprise. it would allow reflection on this play on the essential contradictional concepts of light and darkness important especially in christmas- and wintertime during which the installation was on display (december 2005 until january 2006).

winner of a competition held at the escola massana for the museu nacional d'art de catalunya (mnac) at the palau nacional.

project by frédéric eyl and sigrídur kristín sæmundsdóttir. support by ricardo marsicano.